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Convection Ear Candling

"Convection" is the technical word attributed to Ear Candling. It softens the waxes and toxins which are then drawn up and out of the ear, oxidized and turned into vapors.

It is a simple technique and can be very effective in removing old and troublesome blockages from the ear canal without the use of solutions or probes.

Many people are rediscovering the value of ear candling to cleanse the ear canal and sinus passages. It is a painless and harmless treatment.

Ear Candling Image

Typically you need 2 to 3 sessions to get the ears clean. Once clean, personal preference should determine how often you have this done.

Every 3 to 6 months would be practical, possibly with the change of seasons. However, this treatment should not be done on people people with ear tubes, perforated ear drums, or certifical ear drums.

Candling can be very relaxing and is a great addition to any energy work you might be doing as part of your daily regime. Energy work done before Candling seems to help release toxins in ear canal and helps remove any unwanted debris.

What Is An Ear Candle?

An ear candle is a hollow tapered cone (see image above) made from all-natural wax soaked unbleached cotton muslin. Typically, all-natural ear candles are 1/2 inch at the end, 3/16 inch at the Comfort Tip, and 10 1/2 inches long.

"Comfort Tips" are designed to fit comfortably into the ear canal. A brand called Wally's "Edge" is a special design that allows for a stronger, smoother burning candle that is also easier to light and is incredibly comfortable to use.

Who Should Administer Your Treatment

This treatment should be carried out by trained staff that understand how to perform the process.

In the event that you experience ear pain, loss of hearing or any other ear abnormality, it is highly recommended that you see your doctor.

There are many ear problems that require specific treatment by a licensed practitioner. Ear candling can be a relaxing and soothing experience if and when used correctly in that regard.